MBA in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Invest in your career and graduate in less than one year

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Study in Cyprus. Learn from a world-renowned faculty

About the program

A Unique and Accelerated Program. PII is offering a one-year MBA program focusing on management of fast-growth, innovative companies. The program combines MBA content customized for management of high-growth companies, with study in the fields of innovation and entrepreneurship. It comprises relevant practical experience, including workshops, meetings with business leaders, and practical projects where students develop their own ideas, addressing the regional challenges.

MBA Facts

Complete the program in less than one year

Affordable prestige education

Innovation and Entrepreneurship focus

Meet future business leaders

Become a part of a large student network


Many of the 21th century challenges in the Eastern Mediterranean region are related to digital transformation – Water challenges, healthcare, urban development, food security and so on.

The Pafos Innovation Institute is a first-of-its-kind joint initiative between the city of Pafos and IDC Herzliya, the first private university in Israel. We offer a one-year MBA program in entrepreneurship and innovation that will embrace digital transformation in order to train the next generation of the region’s entrepreneurs.
We truly believe that students with deep understanding of the region’s problems can create ventures to solve them. This is our main goal.

Our students will acquire the critical thinking of the 21th century – How to use digitization, AI, machine learning tools and data science for business applications.

They will have unique roles of translators who are able to understand business problems and how to solve them with digital tools.

How do we do that?

In many ways. It involves immersive hands-on experiences, workshops, talking to business leaders, and working on field projects, where students develop their own ideas while addressing regional challenges.

We follow our students for the entire process- from an idea to a concept/prototype to a startup. We think that by practicing this process under the guidance and mentorship of qualified lecturers and experienced managers from industry, at the end of the day- our graduates will acquire a mastery to do that.

Benefits of MBA at PII


Finish your degree ahead of the rest

The duration of the program is 9 months, September 2021 - June 2022. At PII, you won’t lose time with boredom and long breaks between semesters. You can complete your MBA in just one year. This means you will be able to join the workforce and apply your learnings in practice much earlier than other MBA students


Be mentored by top-class academics and practitioners

The PII students are treated as partners. We have adopted a personalised teaching approach that means you will learn in small classes with one-to-one access to your teachers educated at the world’s elite universities


Applied innovation and entrepreneurship at our core

At PII, you will learn to become a ‘pracademic’ and get a chance to apply your learnings in practice. Our brand new campus provides a collaborative environment where you will work on your business projects, taking your ideas to execution


Enjoy the coastal lifestyle in the city of Pafos

Be supported with social activities and networking – we like to work hard and play hard. The seaside city of Pafos offers easy access to beaches and has excellent business facilities. You will set your base among leading international businesses with Cyprus headquarters

Entry requirements


Completed undergraduate degree from a recognized academic institution, with a GPA of at least 85%. Students who don’t meet this requirement can be accepted based on a GMAT quantitative score


High quantitative abilities


Students with no background in quantitative fields will be required to take preparatory courses


All courses are instructed in English, therefore applicants are required to pass the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) or IELTS (International English Language Testing System)


Located at Mediterranean intersection, the Pafos Innovation Institute aims to create an oasis of creativity and learning. The institute is housed on a new campus designed to create an inspiring and welcoming meeting place for students and entrepreneurs